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4 things to consider to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to android

by Charles Jean

Transferring and handling large amounts of data between devices is a delicate process as one wrong move can result in you starting all over or losing your data altogether.

Are you planning to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to android?

Well, there are things you ought to know beforehand as highlighted below.

Ensure Phones and Computer are Fully Charged

Imagine transferring crucial data and suddenly your phone goes off due to low battery.  

Before you start to download or transfer anything, you ought to ensure that all your gadgets are fully charged. Transferring data between gadgets usually consumes lots of battery power.

That is why you will get a pop-up alert to charge your phone before undertaking software updates or huge data transfer. Transferring huge data is tedious and time-consuming, so you would not want to be doing that on a low battery.

Buy a phone power bank and a UPS device for your phone and PC respectively. Additionally, use the right USB cables that are in good working condition.

Ensure Computer Software and Apps Are Updated

One major issue that can cause device incompatibility is when using out-dated apps and software.

Outdated apps will in most cases keep crashing and hanging thus interfering with your data transfer. Another major risk of using outdated software and apps is that they lack security updates and that increases the likelihood of attackers exploiting the available vulnerabilities.

Therefore, before you start your data transfer, ensure that you install the latest backuptrans software so that you can use the latest features.

Your phone should also have the latest WhatsApp messaging app. Likewise, ensure that you install the latest version of iTunes on your PC to give compatibility to your iPhone. Without doing so, your iPhone will not be able to transfer any data.

Also, make sure your iPhone has the latest iOS.

Create Unique File Names

Organizing the data on your Backuptrans software is very important for easy reference and to prevent accidental mix up when transferring. It becomes important to do so especially if you are using the software with several people or transferring data regularly.

For instance, you can create files based on date or specific contact names. If you are transferring Kenny’s files you can keep all that data under a file name called Kenny. To add an extra layer of protection to the data on your backup trans software, you can also save it on a separate file disk in case the software crashes.

Delete Files after Transferring

So, now you have finished transferring data from iPhone to Android, what next? Depending on what you want to do with the data it is important to delete or keep it safe.

If you are planning on giving your iPhone away, ensure that you delete all your WhatsApp messages. Correspondingly, if you are not planning on using that data ever again, you can delete it from your backuptrans software. After all, you don’t want someone else reading your messages since they are private.

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