The State of Online Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic

by Charles Jean

Paper, pencils, school books, writing books, and crayons were considered the absolute essentials last year. However, the world has drastically changed since last year, and everyone had to adapt to the new circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

In light of the many changes, traditional education had to be reinvented so that both teachers and students stay safe. When the first lockdowns were in place, the schools were the first to be closed. Remote learning was the obvious solution that was accepted by pretty much all countries hit by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Tools of remote/online learning at the start of the pandemic

With the new changes, tablets and laptops became the primary tools of online learning. The initial demand for tablets and laptops was overwhelming, and many manufacturers struggled to keep up with it. During the early days, entry-level tablets and laptops were in short supply because of the overwhelming demand.

With the help of video conferencing apps, teachers and students somehow managed to bring the school year to its end. 

Skip the summer months, and here we are early fall with some students back to their physical classrooms, whereas many others continued with remote education in the new school year. 

Most online learning platforms and video conference apps that were used initially when the pandemic started are the same this fall. Some educational institutions jumped ships from one to another learning platform/video conference solution, but that’s about it.

Tools of remote/online learning pandemic during fall 2020

The biggest change is with the students and their parents that realized the need for better laptops. Now they know that the entry-level laptops they bought during the early days of the pandemic don’t meet the average student’s needs. Plus, teachers are pushing for pretty much all homework and projects to be completed on a PC or a laptop and not on a piece of paper and send a snapshot of it.

So, because of all that, there is an ongoing hunt mainly for reasonably priced laptops. The demand for PCs is not that big as for laptops.

Definition of a moderately priced well-performing laptop

Even though there is no strict definition of what to consider a well-performing laptop, we’ve taken upon self to present one that we believe can meet almost all students’ requirements. The Magic Book by HONOR is the perfect example of a laptop that doesn’t cost a fortune (£ 849.99). Yet, it can be used to complete any given homework or project in any elementary, high school, college, or university.

The only exception would be students specializing in high-end video and graphic production and other types of studies that rely on software that requires exceptional hardware setups. 

What makes the MagicBook Pro so great is its hardware that guarantees speed, agility, and high performance. All that because of the following hardware specs: 

  • Powerful Ryzen 5 4600H GPU
  • Radeon RX Vega 6 graphics processor unit
  • 16 GB of DDR4 RAM
  • 512 SSD 
  • 56-watt battery
  • Stylish pop-up camera for those concerned about their online privacy
  • Free windows 10

The price/performance ratio is truly amazing with this laptop. So far, the user reviews are also very positive and resonate with all the praises that it had from IT experts from all over the world.

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