The secret to being productivve with the GS PRO hONOR WATCH

by Charles Jean

In today’s fast-moving world, people are used to continuously checking their phones to know what time it is. In fact, the smartphone has become just another accessory to the clothing everyone wears. The Honor gs pro watch can allow you more free time by avoiding the natural need to check your phone for the time.

So productivity is one of the most difficult things to maintain, but also one of the most important. The ability to get stuff done and eliminate distractions is what separates those who are successful from those who’ve failed. We all have our own methods for getting stuff done – some people like listening to music, others like taking breaks. However, a new wearable called the Honor watch gs pro might be able to help people with even greater efficiency and productivity than ever before by using smart features and fitness tracking.

There are a lot of ways the Honor watch gs pro can help you. If you are an avid swimmer, runner, or cyclist you’ll love that the watch is waterproof for up to 50M deep. You won’t have to worry about damaging it, and can even wear it in the shower with no issues. The watch has plenty of functions to help improve your health and productivity online.

Honor GS Pro Watch Face Customization

Have you ever wanted to customize your watch face? It’s pretty easy, and it’s a great way to add some extra personalization to your Honor GS Pro.

For this example, you can choose the “Mountain” watch face because it’s one of the best.

  • Simply swipe left or right on the Honor GS Pro watch face screen until you find the face that you want to use.
  • Once you’ve chosen a watch face, press the screen with your finger. You’ll see a menu pop up that says “Settings.” Tap the Settings icon.
  • A new menu will appear underneath with four options: Time Format, Date Format, Lock Watch Face, and Change Watch Face. To change your watch face, tap “Change Watch Face” at the bottom of the list.
  • When you tap on “Change Watch Face,” another menu will pop up with all of your options for customizing your Honor GS Pro watch face. There are two categories here: System and Face Store. The System category includes all of the default faces that come with your device. The Face Store category includes all of the faces that are available for purchase in the Huawei AppGallery app store.
  • To access more faces, scroll down

By changing your watch face, you can add some personal flair and make your watch truly yours. It’s also a great way to keep yourself focused on your health goals. For example, if you want to lose weight, you could set a goal like “Run 10K every week.” Your watch will remind you if you’re falling behind, making it easier to stay on track.

Use the Timer Function on Honor GS Pro-Watch to Stay on Task

The honor GS PRO Watch is designed with a variety of smart, task-oriented features to help you stay on top of your life and get things done. One feature that can be particularly useful is the timer function — whether you want to time your workout rounds, set an alarm, or get a gentle reminder to take a break from your computer screen.

The timer can be set on the watch itself or via the honor Magic Fit app. For instance, if you want to set it for five minutes. Just tap on Timer in the app and drag the pointer to 5:00. Tap Start and it will start counting down until it reaches 0:00.

When the timer runs out, you’ll hear an alarm sound, feel a vibrating buzz and see a notification on the watch face. The alarm will repeat every five seconds unless you stop it by tapping Stop in the app or by swiping left on the watch face and tapping Stop.

You can also set silent alarms via the Timer function. Just tap Silent when setting up your timer, and instead of hearing an audible beep when time runs out, you’ll feel a series of vibrations from the watch’s haptic motor that are difficult to miss but won’t disturb others around you.

The gs pro is an ideal watch to have, get yours today and feel the difference!

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