What Students Can Expect From Honor Black Friday Sale?

by Charles Jean

As Black Friday draws closer, everyone looks forward to ticking off the items at the top of their list. Black Friday 2020 is a period for bountiful sales and purchases, where people pay for items at remarkable discount rates. The items you can get cut across all product categories. This year’s edition spans from the 6th to the 30th of November, and it offers best deals to everyone, including professionals and students.

5 Best Deals on Black Friday for Students and Professionals

  1. Honor Magicbook Pro: Professionals who value quality and speed would not give a second thought about adding this product to their Black Friday wishlist. Honor MagicBook Pro is a lightweight 16GB RAM, high-performance laptop that offers good quality for professional designs. Its performance on different applications is highly impressive. With enviable battery life and premium sound speakers, MagicBook Pro stands on a class of its own among others. Imagine getting such quality at a discounted price.
  2. Honor MagicWatch 2:One common similarity between students and professionals is that they want to know if they keep to time, and one of the ways they do this is by simply stealing glances. Honor MagicWatch 2 makes this a reality with its always-on display and customizable screen. The battery can keep running for up to two weeks. It can also function as a phone, cycle tracker, heart rate monitor and lots more. What if this gets featured in flash sales during Black Friday 2020?
  3. Honor Band 5i: Honor band 5i, with its full touch screen with a color LCD and stylish fitness appearance, also features on sales during Black Friday at a slashed price. Professionals can assure staying in touch with others while on a routine as this watch comes with call and text options. It also has features like heart rate tracker, Oxygen Saturation tracker and a USB connection point.
  4. Honor MagicBook 15: This is a lightweight and ultrathin laptop with a sleek design. It is comfortable to carry around classrooms or offices. MagicBook 15 uses a 65W charger that allows for fast charging in a short time even while the laptop is on. It has a fingerprint sensor in its power button that keeps the device secure and beats the stress of typing in passwords. Black Friday 2020 is a wonderful opportunity to acquire this high-performance laptop at a discount price.
  5. Honor Watch GS Pro: If you find this on Black Friday Treasure Hunt, then you should cherish it like a real treasure. This wild-looking multi-purpose watch can look good on any wrist and go well on any occasion. It can carry out 14 different tests, including salt spray and sand resistance. It comes with a wide range of elegant designs and a 25-day long battery life. No need to worry about getting lost in a new school or office complex as Honor Watch GS Pro has a built-in satellite to help you walk around.


There will be a shopping bazaar this November as Black Friday rolls in the best deals for everyone. Do not miss a chance to gather the best products.

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