Key Features Of An Evpad 5p Android TV Box

by Charles Jean

There are swift developments in the entertainment industry in the 21 century. Today when you go to look for the Evpad android box you may wonder what to choose from because maybe you do not know which one will exactly meet your needs. But the fact is that everyone has a taste and fulfilment of this taste is the best feeling you will ever have. Evpad 5p is one of the most recent and the most advanced android box in the market.

 Evpad 5p TV box has great features that will make your entertainment time exciting and the best you can have.

Enough Storage and efficient RAM

5P Evpad android box has 4G Ram. This a great feature that enables the android box to process its functions without slowing down and you will enjoy watching your programmes uninterrupted. It has 32G storage. This will enable you to download your special programmes, applications, games and be able to save them without any worry of space deficiency.

Clear and captivating picture quality

Evpad 5p has a very clear picture quality. It can support 4k x 2k and full HD1080P@60fps video output. This a very clear picture that will give you a great experience as you sit back and relax watching.

EVA voice assistant

Evpad 5p android box has an inbuilt voice assistant that just requires your command to deliver your request. You will just need to speak out about what you need to be done and the voice assistant will have your request channel, program, movie, event and everything that the android box can offer. You, therefore, do not need to know how to navigate around every aspect of the android box your voice is enough. That makes the Evpad 5p android box very effective to work with.

Efficient dual-band Wi-fi

Years back you could not access Wi-Fi at all. Today, the fact is about how first, efficient and reliable Wi-Fi is. Evpad 5p has 2.4G/5.8G dual Wi-Fi which can be able to connect with the latest 5G network. This makes it so swift and reliable compared to other products.

High strength Bluetooth 4.2

Bluetooth of 4.2 is one of the best Bluetooth versions. This version will be accessible at all corners of your room hence you can control your programmes, games, movies from every corner of your room. Evpad5p can support Bluetooth voice remote control. This is another most interesting feature, from any corner of your room you need to press the mic button and speak out for android box control. The voice can be operated at every angle.

Easily mobile

Evpad 5p android box is very light hence can be handled by every member of the household. It weighs equal to or less than 100g.

Evpad 5p has an awesome quality sound system. This is the kind of sound system you find in cinema halls and auditions. All that sweet experience will be at the comfort of your seat at home. These are some of the features of Evpad 5x That will make your entertainment experience the best.

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