Path of Exile

How To Make The Most Out Of POE Game?

by Charles Jean

Path Of Exile is an amazing RPG game that provides intense action to game enthusiasts in so many ways. The game is readily available to play on various platforms, including PS4. POE provides a daunting playground that makes for a challenging adventure for players.

However, each player requires so many essential skills to triumph over the multitude of monsters in the game. This article takes a look at some of those things that can prove helpful in your quest to beat the odds.

Know the characters

Most console games have so many characters, and each character has its strengths and weaknesses. POE is no different from these other games. A deep insight into how the characters work will help you make the most out of their capabilities and strike maximum damage to the enemy line. The Path Of Exile game has seven characters, and you get to use six of those from the onset while the last one is unlocked subsequently. Some of the characters include:

  • Templar: This character is an expert at firing both long and short-range projectiles. Templar is also capable of summoning lightning strikes that damage the enemy line.
  • Ranger: Ranger is an extremely skillful fighter that has the capability of wielding various weapons, including swords, as well as arrows.
  • Duelist: This POE character is one for melee attacks, and each blow is quite damaging to the monsters in the game.
  • Witch: The female character is the most dangerous spell caster in the POE game.
  • Marauder: As the name implies, this character is ideal for melee attacks.
  • Shadow: When it comes to short-range attacks and the use of dangerous traps for the enemies, this character is quite suitable for the job.
  • Scion: This POE character is more than capable of taking the shape of any of the characters mentioned above. This is the only advanced character in the game, and the player has to unlock its feature while advancing through the game.

Top tips for playing POE game

  • Pick only the valuable loots: The Path Of Exile game is well known for its abundance of loots and orcs that are dropped by monsters in the game. Many players make a habit of picking just about any orc they find in the arena. This could result in jeopardy as there might not be enough space to store. Later on, they have to buy exalted orb¬†in the game.
  • Upgrade your skills:¬†Combat skills given to players at the beginning of the POE are usually at the basic level, and this means they have minimal impact on the enemy.
  • Keep an eye on your life bar: The Path Of Exile game provides the possibility of regenerating mana and refilling your life bar. This gives you an added advantage when taking on tough tasks within the game. Having an extra bar gives you the much-needed assurance to take on the terrible monsters.

Final thoughts

The Path Of Exile game is an exciting adventure for anyone looking for an action-packed game. Players can buy exalted orbs during the game, and this gives players the chance to upgrade their weapons.

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