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Tips For Using New World Coins In The Game

by Charles Jean

New world coins are in-game currencies for the New World game. The New World is an MMORP game by Amazon, released in September 2021. The game is set in 17th century America on a supernatural island in the Atlantic Ocean known as Aeternum. The game features several challenges, quests, and exciting adventures like an MMORPG. It also includes a lot of action and role-playing with large-scale battle scenes. However, it is worth mentioning that the game is currently only available on PC. Several platforms on the internet currently have new world coins for sale. This post focuses on the new world coins and what they are all about.

How are new world coins applied in the new world game?

As mentioned before, new world coins, also known as new world gold, are the official currency for the New World MMORPG. Note that the economy in the New World is primarily player-driven. The game features two types of currencies which are; Azoth and coins. New world coins fall in the coins category.

Below is a guide for how the coins are used within the game.

1. Purchasing equipment and weapons

You can use the coins to purchase weapons and equipment. As an MMORPG, this game features a lot of action. Therefore, you must equip yourself with several sets of weapons that you have to switch between when battling. The coins will come in handy when acquiring the weapons. Having different coins gives you a fighting advantage against other players. You will also need equipment to complete various quests within the game. Examples of equipment within the food, flasks, flower pots, repair armor, and many others.

2. Conquering, expanding, and defending fortresses

The New World game features a fortress for conquering. The players within the game have to use different strategies to conquer and maintain their fortresses. They can also use the coins to complete expansion projects within the fortresses and defend what they have built.

3. In-house transactions

You can also use the coins in all transactions at the auction house within the game. For instance, you can trade equipment with other players.

4. Completing quests

It would help if you also had the coins for completing quests, purchasing or learning new skills, and spells to help complete various tasks. For instance, you can acquire horse riding and flying skills. These skills will also give you an edge within the game.

New world coins are essential within the game. Therefore, as soon as you download and set up the game, you may want to start stacking up the coins.


Like any other game with an in-game currency, you can acquire new world coins by completing challenges and playing the game at different stages. However, you can never have enough coins to play freely and do everything you need to proceed to the next stages within the game. For this reason, there are several platforms on the internet selling new world coins. However, when choosing an ideal place to purchase these coins, you must ensure that the platform is trustworthy.

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