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Advantages and disadvantages of poly mailers

by Charles Jean

Poly mailers have become increasingly popular among e-commerce suppliers and packagers. This is due to their lightweight, cheap pricing, and they are taking up little space. These containers are made from a type of polyethylene (plastic) that is both moisture-resistant and resilient. A majority of these containers are available in many different shapes, colors, and dimensions to cater to your every packaging need. Poly mailers are an exceptional choice for First Class package handling and shipping among USPS and other companies. For poly mailers used in your custom packaging needs, you need to consider all the qualities of the containers to be able to decide to use them or not properly. In this write-up, let’s focus on the advantages and disadvantages of poly mailers. 

Why poly mailers matter to your business

  • Poly mailers are generally lighter in weight compared to many other custom packaging solutions in the market. This reduces shipping costs, which in turn means you can offer more competitive prices to your customers.
  • By nature, poly mailers are resilient and don’t get torn open easily
  • The containers are weatherproof, keeping your product safe from the elements
  • Some poly mailers are designed to be reusable
  • The thin size of poly mailers means they take up minimal space compared to boxes
  • Using poly mailers is a cheaper option than corrugated boxes or even kraft.

Products that can be shipped in poly mailers include apparel, accessories, toys, arts and prints, fabrics and yarns, jewelry, books, and skincare.

When to consider bubble-wraps instead of poly mailers

  • If you have a large item that you need to package with some space around it, bubble-wrap packaging is a better option.

Factors to consider when selecting the right poly mailer

  • Tamper evident

A majority of poly mailers come with inbuilt “tamper evidence” combined with strong glues that are difficult to open and seal. This ensures the customer will always know when someone tampers with their package.

  • Strength

Also called durability. The thickness of poly mailers combined with the many layers of the compound makes poly mailers a very durable option for custom packaging solutions.

  • Release liners

This is what is peeled off the back of the bag or container.

Advantages of poly mailers

  • Poly mailers usually feature competitive pricing
  • Because they are made of plastic, poly mailers can be easily recycled to promote eco-friendliness
  • Poly mailers are increasingly durable compared to other custom packaging choices
  • Usage of poly mailers indicates that you are very precise and thoughtful in the production of your product
  • Poly mailers are more energy-efficient compared to paper containers, which makes it easier to produce in bulk.
  • Poly mailers offer excellent weather resistance, ensuring your product is kept safe and secure from the elements.

Disadvantages of poly mailers

  • It is not easy to get multi-color poly mailers for small orders.
  • There are not that many size options for poly mailers. These containers are also not right for products that need to fit perfectly inside the space.


Poly mailers offer many distinct advantages, including lightweight, weatherproof packaging, durability, and cheap pricing made in the USA. You should consider using them for your custom packaging requirements.

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