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What You Should Know When Moving From Android To iPhone

by Charles Jean

In the modern “battlespace” that is the tech arena, companies, governments, and malicious individuals are always on the lookout for new ways to intercept and compromise your phone’s data and private communications. There are several encrypted apps that you can use to ensure a perfect end to end encryption on the go for all your phone communications.

When migrating from one device platform to another, you can transfer line chat messages and maintain your privacy. WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, and the like are not reliable at all. For optimum privacy and enforced security, Line, Signal, Threema, and Telegram are your best options. Let’s focus on what you should know when moving from Android to iPhone. 

What is end-to-end encryption on Android?

Whenever you use end-to-end encryption, which should always be, the possibility of having third parties intercept your data is nil: nobody can snoop on your private Line or Signal messages. When your phone communicates with another user’s phone via end-to-end encryption, all the data and information transmitted will be in encrypted form. It is secured from surveillance, tampering, and cyber activity, including hacking attempts. Encryption always comes in handy, especially when you want to transfer line chat messages from one device or platform to another.

Line: Next-level security and privacy

LINE is a next-generation communications app that was designed and created in Japan; more than 70 million Japanese users patronize the application every month. More than a simple messaging application, LINE includes added capabilities to enhance every consumer’s life. From making payments at wholesale and retail stores to hailing taxis, ordering food, and making free phone calls, LINE has taken the game to a whole other level.

Compared to other social media platforms, LINE has the unique attribute of being in use by all population demographics, including both the old and the young. LINE also allows users to reach the members of society who only access the Internet via smartphone and not other devices.

Advantages of messaging on the iPhone

  • Pure speed

The A12 Bionic chips inside the iPhone make messaging on the iOS platform blazingly fast compared to Android. In addition to this, videos embedded in any LINE chats will be transcoded faster by an iPhone compared to an Android phone.

  • OS updates on demand

Regular Android phone makers have to make a lot of tweaks to their systems to deliver quality and timely updates to their users.

What to know when switching to iPhone

  • You will require software to transfer line chat messages or messages from other social media apps.
  • It is highly recommended and convenient to back up content on your PC before making any transfers.
  • Know that apps from Android are not runnable on iPhones; each platform has its app store.


Many users have found the need to switch from one platform to another at some point. This includes processes like transferring line chat messages or syncing contacts between devices.

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