The Subtle Art of Buying FUT Coins 

by Charles Jean

Several months ago people were more interested in whether they should buy FUT coins, rather than how to buy futcoins. Today, every ambitious player want to know how to buy FUT coins safely and at a better price. 

Everyone is doing it and they manage to get away with that easily. There is no reason why you shouldn’t do that, too. 

Tips to buy FUT coins safely

You haven’t played any games and yet your coin balance is massive

Let’s say you’ve just opened an account and your balance went from nothing to two million coins in a matter of hours. This immediately raises red flags and within the hour you will get your first warning from EA. 

Comfort trade

This is about someone being logged into your account from some other country than yours. Here’s how that works.

Let’s say that you live in the US and someone logs on your account from Hong Kong or China. And soon after, you got a bunch of FUT coins on your account. That is a rookie mistake that EA’s watchdog will see and you may be facing your first strike. 

Selling a lot of bronze players and their maximum prize is 10k coins

Again, this is another rookie error you don’t want to do as this will have EA’s attention. To be safe, sell crappy gold in-form players with a high price and you won’t get flagged.

Buy coins during the weekend

There is a lot of going on during the weekends, a lot of traffic, a lot of trades and activities. During that time it is much easier to “fly” under the radar and buy your coins without anyone noticing. 

Don’t make large purchases in quick successions

The amount that is considered safe and won’t attract EA’s attention depends on many factors. These factors are such as the number of games you’ve played, how much your club and your players are worth, the number of coins on your account, etc.

Buy less, buy slow, do whatever you have to do in order not to attract any attention. Quadrupling your balance with one single transaction is one of the ways to get your first warning from EA. 

The road less taken

However, if you know that you will get that strike, or you want to buy coins just once, BUY BIG! Buy one million, two million, buy as many as you like. But the moment you buy those coins, buy players. There is no way EA will take your players. The only thing that you will lose is a 5% tax. 

And if you got your first strike after that, who cares! You’ve already done your bidding and you don’t plan to make any purchases so you are safe and can focus on your playing. 

Hence, it is all in one swipe and you know that you won’t be able to do it again, or you go slow and take your time.

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